My dad works in the geology department as a professor at Iowa State University and that is where my brother and I went to school. We lived most of our lives in Iowa and we lived in the college town, Ames, the home of Iowa State University. My brother and I have since moved to the Seattle area after graduating from college and we have started our careers here in Washington state.

My dad continues to teach at Iowa State and we have been going on their Wyoming alumni reunion trips for many years, ever since we were young teenagers. These trips happen once every four years, at the geology field camp that Iowa State owns in Wyoming. Many of my dad’s former geology students go to the reunion to explore some geology in Wyoming, camp out, and have a great time.

Even though my brother and I never studied geology at Iowa State, we still have always loved to go on these trips and meet new people there. A camping screen house works really well for the potlucks and barbeques that we like to do on the campsite, right next to the beautiful river. The screen house keeps us protected from the elements while enjoying some great conversation and bonding as Iowa State alumni.

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