Finding a good blanket for my emergency needs is something that helps me to have peace of mind when I am out on the road. You never know what will happen and having the right supplies could be the difference between life and death. My dad has always made it a point to tell me to have the right emergency supplies in the car.

With the right supplies, I can have peace of mind while I am on the road. I have had a few unexpected break downs in the past and the supplies that I had really did save me from a lot of trouble. One time we were out skiing all day and when we got back to my car we realized that the battery had completely died. This could’ve been a bad situation.

It was late and we were a long way from home and it was very cold outside when my car battery died. Luckily, I had some cables for jump-starting in my car as well as a good emergency survival blanket. These supplies helped us out a lot and we were able to get the car started to make it home safely. It is always wise to keep emergency supplies in the car.

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